Featuring the Citadel, Vanguard and Tempest series

Citadel for Home Theater, Laboratory and Professional Audio/Video

The all-new Citadel RM1440 and RM2880 from Bantam Clean Power represents the pinnacle of our 20+ years of experience providing precise, conditioned power to some of the world’s most respected audio and video brands.  We have collaborated with industry leaders on every aspect of the Citadel; from the way it is wired, to the proper energy storage for dynamic response range, to our unbeatable surge suppression on every wire.  And to back up our performance with data, we include a laboratory-quality 8/20 microsecond surge counting circuit and persistent memory display that shows every surge encountered and stopped by the Citadel.  The display also shows useful information such as Voltage, Current, Watts, and Power Factor.  This is the product our fans have been asking for!  The Citadel is available in 120V and 230V versions.


Vanguard for Home, Garage, Business and Security

Our Vanguard series has just expanded with the brand-new PP18004A!  Featuring a full 15 amps of patented power conditioning and surge suppression with four outlets in our compact, ventless, proven enclosure.  Check out the full product line and get yourself a Vanguard today!


Tempest for adding Bantam Tech inside your own products

Introducing the Tempest SA3600 Power conditioning component.  This UL-listed plug-and-play PCB assembly arms you with Bantam Tech surge protection and power conditioning.  Intended for the value-added manufacturer or custom solution provider, the Tempest SA3600 model allows for single phase 110 or 240 volt supplies and up to a 15 amp load with either voltage.



How Is The Bantam Technology Different From The Usual Electronics Super Store Surge Protectors?

Inexpensive consumer grade “surge protector” strips use the least amount of technology and parts possible to meet a price point that will be attractive to non-discerning or unknowing consumers.  Consumer based surge protector use MOVs (Metal Oxide Varistors) to divert destructive energy from one power path to another, usually to the ground wire.  Think of this as a valve diverting polluted flood water down the storm drain.  Bantam technology uses a revolutionary patented circuit with inductors that behave like a reservoir, instantly capturing and storing the energy, to be released as pure clean power.

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