Bantam Clean Power Product Line

Point-of-Use (POU)

Bantam Clean Power POU units are small, light, noise-free and vent-free.  With patented three-wire bi-directional surge and noise filtration, you can protect any load.  This product can be used in industrial, commercial and dusty environments and is right-sized to protect a workstation and its peripherals.  This workhorse does it all!

PP3002 2-Outlet

Spec sheet PDF Download

PP3004 4-Outlet

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Rackmountable, Multiple loads

The Bantam VA Sentry series brings unbeatable, industrial-strength power conditioning and surge suppression to loads concentrated in standard 19 inch racks.  Used in instrumentation and multimedia racks from coast-to-coast.

VA Sentry 2400 RP24004A

Spec Sheet PDF Download

Home and Professional Theater

Let your senses be satisfied with all the depth and power your playback equipment is capable of delivering, and let the look of this unit complement and enhance your equipment stack.

Bantam Clean Power™


This is Power Conditioning and Surge Suppression for today's and tomorrow's advanced electronics.  Patented, proven, affordable and energy-efficient.

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