Yes, this is relatively new but growing Hacker threat called Power Line Exploit or PLE. An IEEE paper in December of 2019 confirmed PLE exists, and is a real threat to IT security. The transistor switching pulses and the power supply switching pulses generated by IT equipment create signals that emanate from power traces to the ground trace and wire via inductive coupling or inducement, the principle behind ratio transmission. Power Line Exploit is sensing and interrupting these electrical magnetic impulses, that are very low in power and very high in frequency, on the ground wire exiting IT equipment. Because the patented Bantam technology is a bi-directional filter of Line, Neutral and Ground, the PLE threat is eliminated. 

Filtering and Protecting Ground

The same Bantam circuit described above filters Ground in addition to Line and Neutral, ensuring a pollution free ground important to sensitive electronics and audio equipment.

     • Bantam helps maintain a stable ground reference important to digital coding.

     • Eliminates the need for expensive Isolated or Dedicated Grounds for computers.

     • Bantam will block hackers from using ground signal infiltration also known as Power Lin Exploit or PLE.

Computers use a “stable ground reference” to distinguish ones from zeros in digital coding.  Digital circuits compare the presumed zero voltage on the ground as a reference to differentiate the positive volts on line or neutral.  As little as 0.1 volts (100mV) can pollute this ground reference. If a surge or spike of energy over 0.1V is traveling along the ground at the instant the code checks for a reference, 1s or 0s can be miss-interpreted.  The more polluted power that dwells on the ground, the larger the chance for a code error. 

Computer servers utilize isolated grounds (IG) for this very reason.  Since the Bantam Technology also filters ground, plugging your computers and sensitive electronics into the Bantam can eliminate the need for an isolated wire running back to earth ground at the power service panel. Having an electrician install a dedicated ground is expensive and the quality of the earth ground at the panel is often suspect, especially if a grounding bar is used.  A Bantam is less than a 10% the cost of a specially installed isolated ground.  

Ground infiltration is a hacking method that uses ground to capture sensitive information or to deliver unwanted signals. The bi-directional nature of the Bantam technology filters ground signals leaving a device as well as unwanted signals trying to reach your device.  No power pollution or sensitive signals in or out on Line, Neutral or Ground.

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