How is the Bantam Technology Different From the Usual Electronics Super Store Surge Protectors?

Inexpensive consumer grade “surge protector” strips use the least amount of technology and parts possible to meet a price point that will be attractive to non-discerning or unknowing consumers.  Consumer based surge protector use MOVs (Metal Oxide Varistors) to divert destructive energy from one power path to another, usually to the ground wire.  Think of this as a valve diverting polluted flood water down the storm drain.  Bantam technology uses a revolutionary patented circuit with inductors that behave like a reservoir, instantly capturing and storing the energy, to be released as pure clean power.


MOVs are weakened with each surge event, The more energy an MOV experiences the sooner they wear out and stop working. Big surge events, like a lightening strike, will burn out an MOV. Unlike the sacrificial design of MOVs that fail after a handful of surge events, the Bantam circuit will not fail. In a UL tests designed to simulate lightening strikes, the Bantam tolerated surges of 6000 volts and 3000 amps, every 45 seconds for 24 hours before UL stopped the test.  That is over 1,800 surge events without damage to the Bantam, or the computer the Bantam was protecting.  Consumer grade surge protectors wouldn’t last 4 minutes.

Improved Power Factor

Bantam Technology has the ability to improve capacitive or “leading” power factor up to 30%.

Key benefits

  • power savings;
  • reduced stress on components, improved service lifespan.

Power Factor describes the efficient usage of the voltage signal in relation to the current signal used a device.  The closer the power factor is to 1 (unity or 100%), the more efficient the use of the power.  Modern electronics strive for a power factor in the .90 to .98 range.  Good power factor is hindered by either inductive or capacitive devices in the circuit.  Since the Bantam Technology is inductor based, it will counter-act any harmful capacitive influence usually generated by digital electronics and their switched-mode power supplies (SMPS). 

Bantam Technology by Digilant.net