Is The Bantam a Power Conditioner or a Surge Protector?

It is both Power Conditioner and Surge Protector. Power conditioning is the broadest term used to describe how “dirty power” is cleaned up. Dirty power is unwanted energy levels at various frequencies that pollute the pure line power supplied by the local utility company. Several versions of power pollution can co-exist at the same time on the power line feeding your device. Flicker, noise, hum, transients, EMI/RFI, spikes, harmonics and surges are all names for unwanted energies at different frequencies that pollute the power. A surge from a lightening strike is a very high energy, very high frequency version of a flicker or spike. The patented Bantam circuit is an energy-shaping technology that absorbs and re-conditions power pollution at a critical frequencies regardless of the energy level. The same circuit removes flicker, noise, hum, transients, EMI/RFI, spikes, harmonics and powerful surges, and is both a power conditioner and a surge protector.

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