Aren't All surge Protectors With a UL Rating Equally Effective?

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) maintains safety standards designed to give the consumer confidence that a device (coffee maker, toaster, computer, printer, surge protector) will not electrocute anyone, or start the curtains on fire.  UL does not rate the effectiveness of any device it tests, so for surge protectors, UL is not testing how effective the surge protector is a stopping surge, only that it is safe to use. 

Revolutionary Bantam Technology

The know-how in the Bantam Technology series of power filter/surge protectors developed by Leveler Protective Technology in the early 2000’s was awarded US and International patents because of its novel concept and design.  This overview will explain this technology, its value, and provide links to additional analysis, third party evaluations, and user testimonials.

The patents were awarded to a new circuit that protects sensitive electronics from power pollution in the form of surge, spikes, swells, transients, ripples, and harmonics, while providing power factor correction; all in a surprisingly small package.  This unique circuit filters and protects Line, Neutral and Ground (or any other poly-phase circuit) without diverting power pollution to the grounding path.  This is unique compared to the vast majority of other power conditioning technology. Instead, harmful spikes, transient energy and harmonics are absorbed into inductors before being released back into the circuit as useful energy.  Diverting to ground is a holdover from the days prior to digital technology. Today’s technology sometimes needs to use ground as a voltage reference in addition to a required safety path for faults, but also is far more sensitive to current anomalies as opposed to voltage anomalies.

Common consumer surge protectors and power filters that solely use metal oxide varistors (MOV), gas discharge tubes etc. that divert sudden surges and spikes to the ground path do not suppress a surge, they divert it. This simplistic traditional technology is sacrificial by design as the MOV can tolerate a limited numberof surge diversions before it becomes ineffective.  After a handful of surge events, this technology will no longer divert damaging energy, leaving connected electronics unprotected.

Filtering of continuous power pollution is generally accomplished with additional frequency- specific power filter technology to augment the MOV surge protection. Since power filtering over a large frequency range is expensive, these traditional power filters cover a limited frequency in an effort to reduce cost.

The single Bantam Technology circuit provides both surge protection and power filtering.  It will outperform traditional surge technologies, absorb dangerous energy and purify power at less than half the cost of competitor’s surge protection and filter technology, within a smaller form factor.

Interestingly, modern device designers understand the dangers of power pollution and will also incorporate traditional protection into their products’ circuits.  The abundance of separate surge and filter products on the market attests to the lack of confidence in internal protection alone.

Patents exclusively licensed to Bantam Technology by Leveler LLC

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  • patents pending.