Power Line Emission (PLE) Resources

Learn about the problem and the new Bantam Clean Power solutions to this growing security vulnerability.


Introducing the Vertiv Geist PLE115 Power Line Emission firewall with Bantam Technology

The collaboration between the world leader in Rack Power Distribution Unit manufacturing and the leading power conditioning technology results in a first-of-its-kind PLE remediation device.  The PLE115 installs between the power source and the power supply to eliminate the threat of PLE.

Bantam Clean Power SA3600A PLE Component

The SA3600A PLE remediation module is a UL-Recognized component under 62368-1.  System designers and engineers can now obtain this technology in a ready-to-integrate sub-assembly for full PLE firewall protection inside a UPS, Server, or other Information Technology Device.  Protected by U.S. Patents and patents pending.

ODINI Malware from IEEE

Describes how the magnetic fields generated by CPU throttling creates pulses that can be detected over the air, even when an isolated (air-gapped) computer is enclosed in a Faraday cage.


PowerHammer Exploit

An experiment describing how binary data can be covertly exfiltrated from air-gapped computers through the power lines at bit rates of up tp 1000 bit/second.

MAGNETO Covert Channel Exploit

Shows that attackers can leak data from isolated, airgapped computers to nearby smartphonevia covert magnetic signals


Powermitter - Wuhan University

The research team demonstrates that a malware can indirectly control the electromagnetic emission frequency of the power supply by leveraging the CPU utilization.

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