All of us at Lodestone Group and Bantam Technology, hope that you are staying safe and healthy.  We have been working from home or running an essential crew since all of this began in March.  But we have always been available for support and fulfillment.  Thanks to our dedicated crew we have not skipped a beat.  We have been checking in on our customers to make sure they are OK; if you have not heard from us, give us a call or drop a note just to let us know.

We remain committed to manufacturing and distributing only the best power conditioning products.  Now that more people are working from home, the need for conditioned power has risen.  More computers and peripherals are being used in homes that do not necessarily have the same power quality as the workplace.  Bantam Vanguards are designed for this purpose; consider using them with your new or expanded home office.

Because we think Bantams are an essential part of your electronic gear, we have place some special prices on units in our new online Store.  Also, there are great prices on Vanguards at Menard’s right now.

Please take care and thanks for being our customers.

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