Now that Bantam Clean Power has introduced a Vanguard unit capable of a full 120 volts and 15 amps of protection, there is no excuse not to protect your essential electronics throughout your home, with out the fear of maxing out your protection.  Most home outlets are 120 volt 15 amps, so the Vanguard PP18004 does not present a limiting factor in using all the power available at that outlet.  Connect your UPS, 5G router, access points and a gaming console all to one Vanguard.

This Vanguard PP18004A represents our newest advances in component material and construction, allowing us to improve our protection strength with smaller and more efficient component design.  We have some of the most brilliant magnetics engineers in the country on our team how went through dozens of compoenent designs with the goal of maintaining or exceeding our goal of always blocking in excess of 99% of the destructive energy that surge can deliver on every wire found in a circuit, including ground.  You get that protection and more with the Vanguard PP18004A.  It is in stock and shipping today.  If you read this note far enough, then you now know that if you use the coupon code VANG15, you will get 15% of the cost of each Vanguard PP18004A you order until March 28th, 2022.  Hurry up and get your hands on a few!

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