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Bantam Technology is a brand of Digilant.net, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lodestone LLC, an internationally recognized leader in electronics components manufacturing.  Digilant.net is now the exclusive licensee of the patented Leveler Technology that introduced the world to the first all-path surge suppressor and harmonics filter that could repeatedly withstand the grueling UL 1449 SPD survivability test while also powering and protecting a sensitive electronic load.  Many customers and testing engineers alike continue to proclaim that products containing Leveler Technology are the strongest and most effective surge suppressors they have ever used – really.  Digilant.net has heard from new and long-time customers alike of the Leveler Bantam and VA Sentry products amazing performance and positive affect on the bottom line.  Because of continued demand and potential for more innovative products for even more markets, Digilant.net is investing in new product to market under the Digilant.net the Bantam Technology brand.  The future looks very exciting!


Licensed Patents: US 6,166,4586,288,917 and 8,223,468.

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Bantam Technology by Digilant.net