Aren't All surge Protectors With a UL Rating Equally Effective?

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) maintains safety standards designed to give the consumer confidence that a device (coffee maker, toaster, computer, printer, surge protector) will not electrocute anyone, or start the curtains on fire.  UL does not rate the effectiveness of any device it tests, so for surge protectors, UL is not testing how effective the surge protector is a stopping surge, only that it is safe to use. 

Surge Residual is How Surge Protection Should be Measured

Revolutionary patented circuit in Bantam products will absorb more than 99% of surge energy, allowing less than 1% of the damaging surge energy to reach your device.  Surge Residual is how to measure a surge protector’s value.

Underwriter’s Laboratory compared surge residual in surge protectors and found inexpensive consumer surge protectors allow between 10 and 20 times more damaging energy to reach the protected device than the Bantam did. The Bantam Technology met the 1% Surge Energy Residual threshold easily, allowing only 0.2% energy through, suppressing 99.8% of the damaging Surge Energy.

MOV based consumer surge protectors advertise their effectiveness using Joules as a proxy for how much energy can be dumped to ground before surge protector failure.  Joules of energy tolerance before failure is not a very useful measure because it doesn’t tell how much energy the surge protector will let slip through to the protected device. Not letting damaging surge energy get to your device is the point of having a surge protector.  Since there is no industry standard, published Joules ratings can be misleading and may not accurately represent the ability of the surge protection device to limit surge damage.  

MOVs do not respond instantaneously, so energy passes through the surge protector to the protected device before the MOV’s react and take effect. Even after the MOV’s start diverting energy to ground, some portion of the harmful energy will still pass through to protected device.

The Bantam patented circuit will absorb dangerous energy surges on Line, Neutral andGround, then release the energy back into the circuit as safe usable energy. The circuit does not divert the energy pollution to ground where it can interfere with digital coding.   Bantam is a wave-shaping device, reducing the amplitude and stretching the wavelength of all non-fundamental (damaging) frequencies. The technology is based on amperage (not volts), and the circuit can be scaled to any energy level.  Bantam technology is never sleeping, is active at surge inception so there is zerodelay in protection. Short duration, high-energy pulses like lightning strikes, spikes, surges, and arc flash are extreme energy events the Bantam circuit will anticipate, delay and absorb, protecting the connected device. 

In addition, a typical MOV based SPD can only tolerate a handful of surges of any magnitude before MOV failure. The Bantam doesn’t fail, during UL 1440 3rdEdition testing, Bantams tolerated 6000 volts, 3000 amps surges every 45 seconds for 24 hours before the test was halted. Over 1800 simulated lightening surges, no delay in protection, no damage to the protected device, and no loss of Bantam effectiveness.  Bantam products have a life-time replacement warranty.  

Bantam Technology by Digilant.net