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VA Sentry 2400 Rack-mounted Professional Power Conditioner (120VAC, 10amp x 2 circuits, 8 outlets)


Rackmountable, Multiple loads

An industrial-strength power conditioner for standard 19 inch racks.  Protects instrumentation and multimedia racks from severe electrical disturbances. Designed and tested for supporting the rigors of everyday life in broadcasting and first responder vehicles.

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What does the VA Sentry 2400 do?

  • Unbreakable Surge Protection
  • Power Conditioning & Filtering
  • Harmonic Attenuation Power Factor Correction
  • Stable Ground Reference
  • Ground Infiltration Protection
  • Patented Technology that Protects Line, Neutral and Ground

Why should you buy the VA Sentry 2400?

  • You need to protect equipment in racks or an industrial settings with severe power problems and the need for isolation and protection from transients
  • It is a single phase power conditioner and Surge Protective Device (SPD) with two independent 1200 VA (120 volt, 10 amp) circuits in one enclosure.
  • Features harmonics filtration and power factor correction.
  • This SPD prevents “surge coupling” across all wires with its patented circuit
  • It is designed and tested to withstand the rigors and vibrations of a mobile rack installation, such as a satellite truck or first responder vehicle.

VA-2400 Sentry Product Specifications

Electrical Features

Output Connection: Two Independent Filtered and Protected Circuits. Four NEMA 5-15R Outlets Each, 8 total
Operation Indicators: Two Multi-Function Power Meters, Displays Volts, Amps, Watts, Power Factor
Input Connection: Two NEMA 5-15P Cord Sets

Electrical Ratings

Power Factor: 0.99
Nominal Frequency: 50 to 60 Hz
Input Voltage: 110-120 VAC Single Phase
Output Voltage: 110-120 VAC Single Phase
Output Current: Two Circuits, 20 amps total (10amps x 2 circuits), VA Rating 2400 each

Performance Metrics

Total Surge Protection: <1% Surge Residual
Voltage Protection Rating: 330 Volts Line-Neutral, Line-Ground, Neutral-Ground.
Electrical Mode Protection: Patented in-series Normal (L-N) and Common Mode (L-G, N-G, L,N,G).
Harmonic Attenuation: 40% typical reduction of odd-numbered current harmonics.
Power Factor Correction: Up to 30% average improvement.
EMI/RFI Noise Attenuation: Each path (Line, Neutral, Ground) bi-directionally filtered (patented):Up to -30dBV reduction on Line and Neutral, up to -20dBV on Ground; Frequency Range of 1 KHz to > 1MHz.
Electromagnetic Pulse Reduction: Blocks all unwanted current from pulses entering Line, Neutral and Ground.
Surge Joule Rating: Unlimited Joules of Energy Suppression due to Patented Circuit Design.
Actual Clamping Voltage: During Surge Under Load, Line-Neutral 120Volts RMS +/-10V. Neutral-Ground 0Volts RMS +/-10V.
Surge Line Current: Less than 0.0001 Amps over RMS during surge event.

Surge Test Results: Severe Performance Test - 6000 Volts, 500 Amps Cat. A C62.41-1991 Ring-wave surge (at 90 degree point of input sine wave, positive charge, L1, L2/PE) surged every 45 seconds, with powered loads inplace,1800 surges over 24 hours with no damage to attached load.

Surge Pass Through: Less than 1% of surge disruptive energy passes through to the protected device.

Surge Protection Life: Surge events do not damage Patented Circuit. Surge protection is always active.

VA Sentry Warranty: If a VA Sentry fails under normal operation, it will be replaced at no charge.


Enclosure: 2U Steel, painted black.
Storage Temp (ambient): 40° to 90° Fahrenheit, (4° to 32° Celsius).
Operating Temp (ambient): -40° to 104° Fahrenheit, (-40° to 40° Celsius).
Product Weight: 26 lbs.
Product Dimensions: 19 inches wide x 15 inches deep x 3.5 inches high (2U)

Intellectual Property International Patents 6,166,458, 6,288,917 and 8,223,468

Additional information

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 3.5 × 15 in

Stone white

External Packaging

Plain brown cardboard shipping box


Five Year No-Fault Replacement Warranty