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Bantam Vanguard 120 Point-of-Use Power Conditioner and Surge Suppressor, 2 outlet, 120 volt 1 amp (120 VA)


The Vanguard 120 series was created as a cost-effective solution to protect one or two critical electronic devices with the same circuit and performance as our larger products.   Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA

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The Vanguard 120 series was created as a cost-effective solution to protect one or two critical electronic devices with the same circuit and performance as our larger products.  We achieved that with the Vanguard 120 series.  Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA (Whitewater, Wisconsin) using domestic and globally-sourced components, the Vanguard 120 will do its job of filtration, power factor correction and surge suppression on all three wires for decades.  These units carry a five year no-fault warranty.

Our professional-grade power conditioning with superior surge protection is for business and home office professionals whose livelihood and reputation depend on high quality, high performance systems that demand safe, clean power. This is not a consumer-grade surge protector to (sort-of) protect your inexpensive electronics. Bantam Clean Power's Vanguard series features patented technology that provides true Power Conditioning, which is defined as Complete Surge Suppression, EMI/RFI Filtering, Stable Ground Reference, Power Factor Correction, Harmonic and Noise Attenuation and Bi-directional Protection. The Vanguard series is a product you can trust; it is protecting critical systems worldwide and has been for over fifteen years. All these features are inseparably part of the same cost-effective, space-efficient package.

These units are in use throughout the world in restaurants, sporting and concert venues protecting some of the most critical equipment like handheld device charging stations, wireless access points, temperature and motion monitoring sensors and surveillance cameras.  They have proven themselves for over fifteen years in the market.

Why Should You Buy the Vanguard 120?

  • Industry-leading surge suppression protection for small but critical devices (POS, card readers, scanners, thermal printers, iPad terminals, etc.)
  • Uses virtually no power (not transformer-based)
  • Two standard NEMA 5-15 receptacles, widely spaced to allow for power bricks and odd-shaped plugs
  • Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the USA (Illinois and Wisconsin)
  • Perfect for your home, office, garage, shop or bunker.
  • A single phase power conditioner and Surge Protective Device (SPD)
  • Features harmonics filtration and power factor correction.
  • This SPD prevents “surge coupling” across all wires with its patented circuit
  • It is intended for installation closest to the point of use.

Electrical Features

  • Input Connection 10’ (3 Meter) SJTOW 105°C 14 AWG cord set, molded NEMA 5-15P plug Output Connection
  • Two (2) 100dB filtered NEMA 5-15R black outlets, limited by a 1 amp push-to-reset breaker

Electrical Ratings

  • Input Voltage-Range 110-120 VAC single phase
  • Output Voltage and Current 110-120 VAC single phase, 1 amp
  • VA Rating: 120
  • Nominal Frequency 50 to 60 Hz
  • Power Factor 0.99
  • Max Cont. Operating Voltage 150 VAC
  • Safety Standard MET Listed to UL and cUL standards

Performance Metrics

  • Voltage Protection Rating: 330 Volts Line-Neutral, Line-Ground, Neutral-Ground
  • Electrical Mode Protection: Patented in-series Normal (L-N) and Common Mode (L-G, N-G, L,N,G)
  • Harmonic Attenuation: 40% typical reduction of odd-numbered current harmonics
  • Power Factor Correction: Up to 30% average improvement
  • EMI/RFI Filtration: Each path (Line, Neutral, Ground) bi-directionally filtered (patented)
  • Noise Attenuation: Up to 100dB reduction on Line and Neutral, up to 60dB on Ground; Range of 100 Hz < 1GHz
  • Electromagnetic Pulse Reduction: Blocks all unwanted current from pulses entering Line, Neutral and Ground
  • Surge Joule Rating: Series Mode Protection = Unlimited Joules of Energy Suppression
  • Duty Cycle: Tested independently to retain performance after 24 hours of constant 6000V, 3000A surges without any degradation to unit or load.
  • Actual Clamping Voltage: Line-Neutral Voltage 120V RMS +/-10V Surge (Typical) and Under Load Neutral-Ground Voltage 0V RMS +/-10V Surge Line Current less than 0.0001 Amps over RMS
  • Surge Withstand Rating: Severe Performance Test– 6000 Volts, 500 Amps Cat. A C62.41-1991 Ring-wave surge (at 90degree point of input sine wave, positive charge, L1, L2/PE) injected every 45 seconds with powered loads in place for a total of over 1260 injections in a 24 hour period– no degradation of device or attached load.


  • Enclosure: ABS/PVC 94V0 with wall mounting feature Int’l Patents 6,166,458
  • Storage Temp (ambient): 40° to 80° Fahrenheit, 4° to 27° Celsius 6,288,917
  • Operating Temp (ambient): -40° to 104° Fahrenheit, -40° to 40° Celsius
  • Moisture: 0 to 90% non-condensing
  • Product Weight: 2.2lbs., 998 grams
  • Dimensions: Height Width Depth 3.3 inches (8.5 cm), Width 6.5 inches (6.5), Depth 3.5 inches (8.7 cm)

Intellectual Property

  • U.S. Patents: 6,166,458, 6,288,917 and 8,223,468

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