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About Bantam Clean Power

Bantam Technology is a brand of, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lodestone LLC, an internationally recognized leader in electronics components manufacturing. is now the exclusive licensee of the multi-patented Leveler Technology.  This is the solution that introduced the world to the first all-path surge suppressor and harmonics filter that could repeatedly withstand the grueling UL 1449 SPD adjunct survivability test while also powering and protecting a sensitive electronic load. Many customers and testing engineers alike continue to proclaim that products containing Bantam Technology are the strongest and most effective surge suppressors they have ever used – really. has heard from new and long-time customers alike of the Leveler Bantam and VA Sentry products’ amazing performance and positive effect on the bottom line. Because of continued demand and potential for more innovative products for even more markets, is investing in the development of new product to market under the Bantam Technology brand. The future looks very exciting!



The all-new Citadel RM1440 from Bantam Clean Power represents the pinnacle of our 20+ years of experience providing precise, conditioned power to some of the world’s most respected audio and video brands. We have collaborated with industry leaders on every aspect of the Citadel; from the way it is wired, to the proper energy storage for dynamic response range, to our unbeatable surge suppression on every wire. And to measure our protection, we include a laboratory-quality 8/20 microsecond surge counting circuit and persistent memory display that shows every surge encountered and stopped by the Citadel. The display also shows useful information such as Voltage, Current, Watts, and Power Factor.

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Vanguard Series

The Vanguard series combines surge protection, power conditioning, harmonic attenuation and signal filtering into compact, professional-grade power units. Vanguard comes in two specifications: the original 3 amp PP3002A or PP3004B, and the new, 15 amp PP18004A. Both units include up to four outlets for dependable, stable, and secure power supply to any electrical system that’s core to your business.

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An all-wire power conditioner component capable of blocking normal and common mode transients and surge energy as part of a complete electrical enclosure or UPS. The SA3600 is a wave-shaping and ground filtering device effective in suppressing harmful electrical signal emissions. Protected by U.S. Patent 8,223,468.

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President: Rich Barden

Product Manager: Mike Januszewski

Technical Manager: Rich D’Amico

Sales Manager: Maurice Holmes

Business Development: Hollace Scambray

Hollace manages business development of all Lodestone Group companies. Responsibilities include sales team management, marketing structure, and group strategic planning. She earned a BA in Communications from UCSB and was a 4 year letter athlete in swimming.

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Is A Bantam Product Either A Power Conditioner Or A Surge Protector?

It is both Power Conditioner and Surge Protector.  Power conditioning is the broadest term used to describe how “dirty power” is cleaned up.  Dirty power is unwanted energy levels at various frequencies that pollute the pure line power supplied by the local utility company.  Several versions of power pollution can co-exist at the same time on the power line feeding your device.  Flicker, noise, hum, transients, EMI/RFI, spikes, harmonics and surges are all names for unwanted energies at different frequencies that pollute the power.  A surge from a lightening strike is a very high energy, very high frequency version of a flicker or spike.   The patented Bantam circuit is an energy-shaping technology that absorbs and re-conditions power pollution at critical frequencies regardless of the energy level.  The same circuit removes  flicker, noise, hum, transients, EMI/RFI, spikes, harmonics and powerful surges, and is both a power conditioner and a surge protector.

How Is The Bantam Technology Different From The Usual Electronics Super Store Surge Protectors?

Inexpensive consumer grade “surge protector” strips use the least amount of technology and parts possible to meet a price point that will be attractive to non-discerning or unknowing consumers.  Consumer based surge protector use MOVs (Metal Oxide Varistors) to divert destructive energy from one power path to another, usually to the ground wire.  Think of this as a valve diverting polluted flood water down the storm drain.  Bantam technology uses a revolutionary patented circuit with inductors that behave like a reservoir, instantly capturing and storing the energy, to be released as pure clean power.

Why Is A Protected And Filtered Ground Important?

During a surge event, all the wires bundled in a cord-set or in conduit are so close together that the magnetic field generated by a surge on one wire emanates to the adjacent wires. This is called inductive coupling and is the principle that makes radio broadcasting possible. Without filtering and protection on all 3 wires, components are vulnerable to surge energy traveling on ground as well as the other wires.

What Does It Mean To Claim “Bantam Is Bi-Directional?”

Computers or electronics plugged into a home or business wall plug are sharing the power provided by that local circuit. They are also sharing the power pollution generated by all electronic devices sharing the common power wiring.  The power supplies in computers are a source of harmonics, while refrigerator compressors, spa pumps and garage door openers generate spikes and transients.  Every electronic cable or cord acts like an antenna, capturing any nearby broadcast or wireless signal and carrying that unwanted interference to your device. Over 75% of power pollution originates inside the home or business wiring.

Bantam’s patented technology filters all three wires, Line, Neutral, and Ground, in both directions.  This unique bi-directional filtering keeps power pollution from entering your device, but also filters pollution generated from a device from getting into the common power circuit.

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