No.  In fact more than 75% of power pollution in the form of spikes, transients, surges, hum, EMI/RFI, noise, and harmonics are created by the computers, motors, compressors and electronics that share a common power circuit.  The power supplies in computers are a source of harmonics, while refrigerator compressors or spa pumps generate spikes and transients. Every electronic cable or cord acts like an antenna, capturing any nearby wireless signal and carrying that unwanted interference to your device.

This power pollution is being passed from device to device though the common power circuit like a cold at the office.  Bantam’s patented technology filters all three wires, Line, Neutral, and Ground, in both directions.  This unique bi-directional filtering keeps power pollution from entering your device, but also filters pollution generated from a device from getting into the common power circuit.

Power Conditioning • Harmonic Attenuation • EMI/RFI Filtering

The same Bantam circuit described on previous pages will also Condition, Attenuate, and Filter non-fundamental frequencies starting above 60Hz and going up to 1Ghz as reported by National Test Labs (NTS) in Huntsville AL and Plano TX.

     • The Bantam filter technology is bi-directional 

     • Bantam provides up to 20dB of bi-directional common mode insertion loss up to 30MHz.    

     • Bantam provides up to 30dB of bi-directional Differential mode insertion loss up to 30MHz.

     • Bantam provides up to 15dB of bi-directional Current Harmonic Suppression up to 10KHz.

      • Bantam’s 20dB suppression provides significant EMI/RFI suppression from 1MHz to 20MHz.

70% of power pollution is persistent and the result of power pollution from other electronicsthat are either on local shared home or business wall power circuits, or from wireless devices.  This form of power pollution is usually generated within a home or business environment.  With the abundance of electronic products plugged into the shared wall power circuits, harmful signals and frequencies are passed between devices like a cold or flu. Anywhere a device must switch one level of power to another level or turn off and on, errant signals and pulses are generated and pollute the common power connections.  Switch-Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) found in many digital devices are a common pollution source.  

In addition, signals generated by wireless and BlueTooth devices at various frequencies are a source of power pollution. (e.g. EMI/RFI)  Power cords and wall wiring act like antennas and capture these numerous signals and conduct them to and from connected devices.  The effect on the devices can range from video and audio interference to software malfunctions. “Software Glitches” get the blame, but power line pollution is often the culprit. 

In addition to degrading audio and video signals, polluted power laced with unwanted frequencies can generate heat in components and also rob the device of efficient operation.  The result is a device that runs hotter, uses more energy than it should, and has a shorter operating life span.  The Bantam technology will condition, filter, absorb, attenuate, or otherwise smooth the power curve so that only pure, clean, efficient energy reaches your electronic device or audio/video system, keeping it cooler and clearer. 

Bantam technology is bi-directional, filtering power going from the wall through Bantam to a protected device, but also filtering the power returning to the wall from the protected device, helping to keep the shared wall power line clean.

The Bantam is a cost-effective way to accomplish several methods of device protection and power conditioning in a single inexpensive solution.  Bantam advantages:


     • Improves battery charging efficiency      • Reduce process delays or hang-ups

     • Reduce system reboots                      • Reduce audio “hum” and video “flicker”

     • Cooler device operation                      • Reduced data corruption

     • Lower power consumption                   • Reduced component failure