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NTS Bantam Assessment

Third-party assessment of several Bantam models.

Bantam Tech Overview

This document explores the functionality and methods of the Bantam solution.

We propose a standard for measuring surge suppression performance - let the better device and the consumer win

The people behind the Bantam Clean Power solution have been advocating for true performance validation of surge suppressors for over a decade, challenging everyone to show how well their solutions work with a load attached, not in an open circuit.  That’s not real-world.  This paper exposes why the others don’t talk about it and we do.  Let the numbers speak for themselves.

Bantam Product Overview for Industry

Highlights the exact benefits that the Bantam products deliver to certain industries, direct from customer feedback on the benefits they receive.

Bantam Technology™ by

This is Power Conditioning and Surge Suppression for today’s and tomorrow’s advanced electronics.  Patented, proven, affordable and energy-efficient.

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