The new 4-outlet Bantam Clean Power PP-series conditioner is here!  Our customers asked for it and we are happy to deliver it.  Announcing the 4-outlet version of the very popular Bantam Clean Power 360VA power conditioner.  It has all the features and performance of the PP3002B 2-outlet unit.  The addition of the two outlets is not just an add-on, by the way.  Everything we do has sound engineering in place.  Just like in the PP3002, each outlet bank is wired in a hub-and-spoke method from the filters, to prevent aggregate current from heating up the electrical paths; that cost-cutting type of series wiring is found in common power strips and other conditioners.  This parallel wiring technique minimizes the opportunity for electrical noise pollution from one device to directly reach another.  The new PP3004 will be available for shipment mid-March 2019.  If you are interested in pre-ordering, drop us a note via the Contact Us page.  The MSRP is just $154.50 available from Amazon in March.  A new spec sheet for the PP3004 will be on the Product page soon.  Like our other products, we also offer direct distributor and volume pricing.  Each unit is designed, assembled and tested in the USA in Anaheim, CA and listed to UL 1363 and UL 1449 safety standards.  Thank you to all of our customers for their feedback with the design of this model and their continued support.

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This is Power Conditioning and Surge Suppression for today’s and tomorrow’s advanced electronics.  Patented, proven, affordable and energy-efficient.

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