Disclosure: DPPS LLC licenses certain technology and products from Bantam Clean power solely for the government and military market.  This article illustrates that Bantam Clean Powers core, patented technology meets even the heavy demands of tactical military use.

We at KMA Business Solutions use DPPS products to stabilize our power by reducing electrical anomalies.  The Atlanta area experiences frequent storms and power fluctuations.  Using DPPS products allows us to fine-tune our power requirements, increase our device lifecycle and lets us rest easy in an unpredictable storm season.  KMA has used DPPS products on several large federal government equipment installs.  Our clients are impressed and completely satisfied.  It works so well, that we felt extremely comfortable recommending DPPS products to our local municipality to ensure they can continue operations in similar conditions.  The municipality immediately purchased products to protect their critical systems.  The DPPS DPU4 and RP24004 have increased our internet and computer-based capacity by removing electrical distortion and unwanted RF.  The added benefit of the harmonic filtering has reduced the heat in our server room by 8 degrees and we believe will extend the lifecycle of our computer equipment.  We endorse the DPPS LLC product line and recommend it to all our customers.   Since it is the only power device with a safety listing and three-wire protection, we wouldn’t use anything else.  We love DPPS!!

Visit KMA Business Solutions to learn more about them and the DPPS line of products that include Bantam Clean Power technology.


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This is Power Conditioning and Surge Suppression for today’s and tomorrow’s advanced electronics.  Patented, proven, affordable and energy-efficient.

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