We are so humbled and overjoyed that our new Citadel series of power conditioners has been well-received by the community.  The unveiling at CES was a pleasing success.  We have accepted a record number of orders that exceeded current stock.  If you ordered one, please allow us 6 to 8 weeks before you receive it, but you will receive it.  And if you want to order one, please do – there are hundreds being built as we speak.

Many of our early adopters have promised to test and provide full reviews of the Citadel.  We look forward to letting the community know about these reviews once they are posted.

The Citadel represents the next chapter in our pursuit of excellent power conditioning using our patented magnetic decoupling formula, along with increased power metrics data acquisition and presentation.  The feature roadmap is very exciting and we hope that you will continue to place your trust in Bantam Clean Power for superior protection from the unseen and unwanted energies coming from that wall outlet.

Bantam Technology by Digilant.net