I’ve been using the iPure 2400 power conditioner for about a week now and the results have been nothing short of amazing so far.  Originally, I was using a Panamax MAX-5510 Power conditioner & AC Regenerator and the iPure absolutely slays it in comparison. I tested this out in my isolated 2.1 Stereo/HiFi listening room to really compare the differences of these two power conditioners side-by-side.

After receiving the iPure 2400 unit and getting it installed I proceeded to test it out with various forms of media (CDs, SACDs, records, and digital FLAC files). This iPure 2400 power conditioner seemingly has shown zero constraints on my B&K 4420 Reference dual-mono amplifier paired with a set of SMG-C Magnepans and really lets the amps true “color” of sound come out strongly!

Comparing the iPure 2400 back to the original Panamax unit I noticed that the Panamax power conditioner seemed to “limit” my amplifier’s top end frequency handling quite a bit. Vocals and strings especially just felt “flattened” in frequency response on the old Panamax unit. Bass too was quite “muddy” and a bit sloppy.

After switching to the iPure I could not believe how dead silent the background noise became! Everything in the top end seemed to be brought forward more. Bass was extending deeper and more fluidly as well from my subwoofer. Full emcompassment of acoustic elements such as female vocals and acoustic string “plucks” were crystal clear and heard distinctively now. Even listening to a singer inhale/exhale slightly off-axis to the microphone was crystal clear as well. All of these acoustic details that seemed “muddy” or “buried” with the Panamax conditioner were now fully present and brought forward-facing with the iPure 2400. This was a radical change that took some getting used to! Every track I listened to was like listening to it for very first time again, noting how much “fuller” and crystal clear the source audio was now.

To summarize, I do deeply believe that running a HiFi setup with “dirty power” vs “clean power” makes a huge difference of what you actually hear clearly. The amount of electric interference that is now removed from my listening area allows the true audio engineering from the original source recordings to shine through brilliantly. The iPure 2400 allows you to really hear what you have been missing once all that electronic “noise” and interference is fully filtered out and removed. You hear exactly what the Audio Engineers expected you to hear during each recording session, which brings a whole new perspective during critical listening sessions!

I have been so extremely pleased with the performance of my first iPure 2400 power conditioner that I have already purchased a second unit for my other listening room! I am very excited to see what other new products are coming out next from this company and want to strongly suggest that if you want to squeeze out every single bit of performance from your current listening environment then you absolutely need to check out the iPure 2400 power conditioner! In my opinion, you won’t regret it at all once you hear everything that you have been missing!

-Nick from Austin TX


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