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Our patented circuit ensures superior, long-lasting surge protection on every wire, noise filtering, EMI/RFI suppression and improved performance you can see or hear, all in a single, cost effective package.

Proven, Reliable, Patented.

You need clean power, period.  You want a single, affordable solution that uses proven methods.  You want the solution to be simple to use and simple to understand.

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Why is this better?

There are three wires that connect power from the wall outlet to your electronic device.  A surge on just one of the wires can actually be present on the other two.  This makes three wire protection mandatory.  Only Bantam Clean Power delivers this class of protection.
The Bantam Clean Power product line features rack mountable and point-of-use form factors to accommodate small loads or entire data center racks.

Recent News and Reviews

KMA Business Solutions stabilizes power

Disclosure: DPPS LLC licenses certain technology and products from Bantam Clean power solely for the government and military market.  This article illustrates that Bantam Clean Powers core, patented technology meets even the heavy demands of tactical military use. We...

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I have been so extremely pleased with the performance of my first iPure 2400 power conditioner that I have already purchased a second unit for my other listening room! Nick T. from Austin, TX

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Bantam Clean Power™


This is Power Conditioning and Surge Suppression for today's and tomorrow's advanced electronics.  Patented, proven, affordable and energy-efficient.

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