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  • Surge Protection

    The Leveler technology uses a different and unique approach that offers unmatched surge and spike protection. The surge or spike energy is not dumped to ground but is absorbed, and dissipated by the magnetic fields emanating from the internal inductors. The revolutionary Leveler circuit in the Bantam easily passed IEEE Catalog A, C62.41-1991, a surge protection test. Leveler technology controlled 6,000 volts, and 3,000 amps surges over 1000 times in a 24-hour period with no damage to the Leveler circuit. The balanced circuit’s energized magnetic field pro-actively anticipates the surge, reduces the ramp of the surge energy, and because the inductors won’t saturate, absorbs the energy into the magnetic field.

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  • Power Conditioning

    Today’s electronics (computers, servers, home entertainment, professional audio systems, process controllers) are current and ground sensitive, but are robustly designed to function in wide voltage ranges. Unstable current and ground is the vulnerability of modern electronics, yet all other protective devices on the market focus on voltage, and dump excess energy to ground. Only Leveler’s patented technology focuses on optimizing current, and protecting the ground from contamination by filtering all three wires, line, neutral and ground. The Leveler technology is very effective at smoothing the current spike and regulating the voltage a circuit will experience when a fan motor, air conditioner compressor, audio amplifier, or pool pump starts, protecting sensitive electronics, reducing consumption, and extending the expected life of all equipment connected to the Bantam.

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  • Stable Ground Reference

    As more computing devices are connected to the power circuit, the more important a stable ground reference has become. Computing uses a stable ground voltage as a reference to differentiate between 0 and 1 in computer coding, so a voltage spike or blip on ground can cause a 0 to appear as a 1 to the computer. Other surge protectors, power conditioners, and voltage regulators dump their power pollution to ground, or to ground via the neutral wire. These dumping events often exceed the 1/10th volt blip that can corrupt computer code. Computer users will invest in an isolated or designated ground to protect sensitive computers from just this problem. The Leveler is the only technology that protects and filters the line, neutral and ground, and does not dump energy pollution to ground. Plugging your computer into a Bantam eliminates the need to invest in an isolated or designated ground.

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  • System Security

    Computer and system hacking and infiltration via the ground wire is blocked because Leveler technology filters the ground in addition to line and neutral. Often called Power-Line Exploit, this is a version of TEMPEST, or Compromising Emanations, where hackers grab keystroke signals that leak into the ground wire and travel through the home or business electrical power system. This hacking method uses voltage fluctuations in the ground wire to decipher and record key-strokes. Any computer, point of sale system, or ATM using a keyboard and connected to a power line, either via plug or hard wire, is vulnerable to Power-Line Exploit, except if you are protected by the Bantam.

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  • Harmonic Attenuation

    Motor controllers, rectifiers, radio, TVs, computers, servers, audio systems, and home entertainment all contribute unwanted frequencies back into the power line, which spreads this pollution to all devices sharing the power. Often referred to as noise, harmonics, and distortion, these extra, unwanted frequencies pollute a clean AC power sine wave contributing to the stress of the devices using the power. Most power filters or line filters are frequency specific, designed to address a specific, and often narrow, frequency range. The Leveler technology in the Bantam is a full spectrum filter and will effectively filter from 50Khz up past 2Ghz with a 100dB reduction on line and neutral, and 60dB on ground. In addition, the Leveler technology will reduce odd numbered harmonics by up to 40%, and eliminate all above the 50th harmonic. Since harmonics increase current usage, the Leveler technology concentration on current efficiency contributes to reduced current usage, lower heat, and extended equipment life.

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  • Power Factor Correction

    The Power Factor of an AC electric power system is the ratio of real power utilized by the load (device), over the apparent power in the circuit. Apparent power is the maximum capacity of a circuit to deliver power, real power is the actual power used in the circuit and is always lower than apparent power. The closer real power is to apparent power, the higher the power factor and efficiency of the system. Many electronic devices hold a portion of the apparent power briefly in magnetic fields or capacitive plates, then returned it out-of-phase to the circuit. In capacitive power factor circumstances, (home and office electronics) the Leveler technology in Bantam will improve power factor by up to 30%, improving overall circuit efficiency, reducing power consumption, and extending the life of protected equipment.

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