Bantam Model PP3002B

Bantam Model PP3002B
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Bantam Model PP3002B

Bantam Model PP3002B With Leveler Technology

Leveler Protective Technology has developed and patented a balanced circuit design that is innovative, multifunctional, relatively small, and inexpensive.  This breakthrough circuit design will revolutionize power conditioning as Dolby revolutionized digital sound. The Bantam will provide clean sine waves, level power, factor correction, harmonic attenuation, stable ground reference, and unmatched surge protection. 

Other technology uses only two of the three power wires; either line to neutral, or line to ground to protect or filter circuits.  The Leveler international patents describe a balanced circuit that actively uses all three power wires - line, neutral and ground. This balanced circuit across the 3 wires offers the most effective circuit protection and filtering available today. 

The key to Leveler technology is a patented circuit that balances inductors with Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs). The physics of the interplay between the magnetic fields in the inductors, the MOVs,and the  effect on circuit voltage, and current levels is dynamic and complicated.  In essence the patented circuit maintains a proactive energized magnetic field that is sensitive to any incoming changes in resistance or impedance. The magnetic field creates an immediate push-back that grows in force to match the approaching energy.  The leading edge of the energy surge or spike is blunted, the energy ramp-up is slowed and lengthened, and the energy is absorbed into the magnetic field.  Because the Leveler balanced circuit is always energized, no initial energy can sneak past Bantam.  Other devices react to the spike or surge energy on arrival, and take microseconds to reach full effectiveness. Because the energy is absorbed by the proactive magnetic fields, the Bantam components experience minimal stress and can be expected to last over 10 years, regardless of the quantity or severity of the surge events.
In the Leveler technology, current is the key variable, not voltage. Today’s electronics (computers, servers, home entertainment, professional audio systems, process controllers) are current and ground sensitive, but are robustly designed to function in wide voltage ranges.  Unstable current and ground is the vulnerability of modern electronics, yet all other protective devices on the market focus on voltage, and dump excess energy to ground. Only Leveler’s technology focuses on optimizing current, and protecting the ground from contamination by absorbing energy into the magnetic fields and not dumping to ground.  There is no need for a isolated or designated ground when your computer is protected by a Bantam.

Whether encountering a surge or spike, filtering the waveform, attenuating harmonics, suppressing electromagnetic interference, an unstable ground, or correcting power factor, a single Bantam will outperform all the varied specialized devices on the market today. 

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