Bantam Will Clean Your Polluted Power


  • Home and Office Computing

    The Bantam will protect your computer, printer, cable modem and other home electronics from surges, spikes, and flickers. Because the Bantam filters in both directions, the Bantam also protects household audio and video electronics from the noise and interference computers generate. The Leveler technology in Bantam will also clean the power in you home or business, reducing power consumption and extending the useful life of your electronics.

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  • Server Computing

    The Leveler technology in the Bantam improves the efficiency of power delivered to your server rack, reducing power consumption and heat. In addition to the unsurpassed surge and spike protection, Bantam is an exceptional bi-directional full spectrum filter eliminating nearly all noise and harmonics found in business power lines. Bantam’s patented filtering of the line, neutral and ground ensure a stable ground reference and defeats hackers using ground access to record keyboard strokes.

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  • Personal and Professional Audio

    The power running through the average home or business is polluted with a wide variety of errant frequencies and power spikes. Switch mode power supplies (SMPS) found in computers and other digital devices extract an abrupt pulse of current from the power sine wave, injecting noise and interference into the home or businesses power lines. In addition, any un- shielded power line or cable acts like an antenna, capturing every cell phone, TV, microwave, CB, or garage door opener signal that happens by. The Leveler technology in the Bantam is a full spectrum filter with a 100dB reduction on line and neutral, and 60dB on ground, leaving your audio system free of hiss, snaps, crackles and pops.

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  • Point of Sale Systems

    A business relies on a dependable and stable Point of Sale system (POS). Bantams protecting and conditioning the incoming power ensures your business and customers will not suffer the effects of power surges, spikes, dips and sags. In addition, the Leveler technology in Bantam filters line, neutral and ground, providing a stable ground reference that protects the integrity of digital code and POS data. With Bantam filtering the ground, you eliminate the expense of installing an isolated ground.

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  • Industrial and Medical Applications

    Industrial controls, precise robotic movements, and sensitive medical images demand predictable, clean and efficient power. The Leveler technology in the Bantam provides unsurpassed surge and spike protection, filters noise, harmonics and distortion, and provides a stable ground reference. The Bantam also provides up to 30% power factor correction when capacitive reactance is present, improving power efficiency, reducing heat, and extending the life of controllers, actuators and electronics devices.

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